Thank you for Slim

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for Slim. I was looking for a new framework to use (after the last one I had been using fizzled out into irrelevance) and found some of the currently “hot” ones to be too convoluted to pick up quickly (yes, Symfony, I’m looking at you).

When I stumbled across Slim I though “Hmm, this one looks nice” and I’m happy to report that I’ve found Slim to be everything I’ve been looking for: Simple but powerful and extensible.

I’m currently working on a big project which will take some time to complete but in between, I’ve banged out two little sites each of which I was able to complete from start to finish in little more than a day. All in all, it’s been a refreshing change to use Slim and I look forward to continue using it and contribute some useful components as my use of it expands.

So thank you Josh Lockhart, Andrew Smith, Rob Allen and other contributors; you’ve created a kick-ass tool for creating high-performance websites.


I would like to second the thank you to the creators of Slim. I’m converting my huge seed project (I use it to start new web apps for clients) to Slim v3 because I liked v2 so much. Great improvements by the way.

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I wish to add my “Thank you” to all the Slim team for create such a nice lego tool.
I think that I can imagine just a little bit of the work we can do with it, in a real “right way”.

YES. Slim Beauty :slight_smile:
Beautiful work !!!

Thank you Josh Lockhart, Andrew Smith, Rob Allen, Gabriel Manricks
and All Contributors.