War in Ukraine just now

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..


Today, July 08, 2023. It’s 500-th day of war.
Dear Slim PHP community, I appreciate for your support of the Ukraine.
Many awfull events have happened these days, but Ukraine is fighting.
As for me, at November, 2022, I returned to my city, Kharkiv.
As I can see a lot of people returned to Kharkiv. But war is war, almost every day I hear air-alert sirens. Sometimes Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region are bombarded with missiles.

Thank you for your support again. Keep yourself and your families.

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I really don’t know what to say. Is there anything we can do for you?

Thank you @sumodont .
It’s more or less quiet… for now.
War is war.


I deleted post. Sorry. @sumodont “Okay…” was just late answer for my post. Thank you @sumodont.

Dear Slim PHP Community, I wish you Marry Christmas and Really Happy New Year.
Despite of some anxious thoughts. Ukraine, Israel, Guyana. What’s next? Western Europe? USA?
But all in all…

Well. I’ve just wrote the post and an other air alert started.
Sometimes it’s about dozen per day. Sometimes missiles strike my city.
I always remember phrase of @maurobonfietti, he made in March’22 “…(I used to think that we lived in peace, but not anymore.)…”. He is RIGHT - “…not anymore…”.
It’s WAR.

Dear Slim PHP community, thank you for your support of Ukraine.
I think you had a fun New Year’s holiday.
As for me, I had “a lot of fun” (that’s my sarcasm).
Ukraine was attacked dozens of times with missiles from December 29, 2023 to January 2, 2024. Including my hometown, Kharkiv. I’m in Kharkiv.
My daughter is now in Germany. She tell me that some people in Germany think that war in Ukraine is over. It’s not true. It’s just propaganda.
Negotiations? Do not be naive.

Dear Slim PHP community. I received such a notification about such a post. I saw this post. Everyone can have his/her own opinion. However, this post shows a lot of aggression and propaganda.
I think if a person wrote this, then he/her is a producer of propaganda or poisoned by propaganda.
I can suggest, Zorka Morel, as indicated in the e-mail notification, to live a little in my hometown of Kharkiv, which is still being attacked by missiles from russia. I hope Zorka Morel’s opinion can change.
And… Dear Europeans, strengthen your armies. Help Ukraine. Otherwise, Europe will become a peninsula of russia. Then will not “Peace and greeting from Europe!”.

Dear Slim PHP community. Today February 24, 2024 is TWO-years as war in Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting. Thank you for your support. Keep yourself and your families.