War in Ukraine just now

Day 100. Ukraine is fighting.

One hundred days fell into infinity.

Do you remember your high school prom ball?

This is my homecity Kharkiv. This is graduation 2022 in one of the schools in Kharkiv.

In the background of the video, a song is performed in Ukrainian, where there are such words
“They [meaning russia] can bomb happiness.
They can shoot the dream.
But they will not be able to kill the will.
Everyone will reap what they have sown.”

This is the school before the war

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It’s quiet now. The Ukrainian government asks not to panic. Panic is not visible.

War is more than four months. Horribles and hardships of the war continues. Ukraine is fighting and will fights.
Panic? No panic, just fightings.

Dear Slim PHP community, I’m sharing photo I made. These are fragments of a russian artillery shell or bomb. My relatives found them in their apartment.
This is “hello, world” from “russian world”.

I thank all the countries who sheltered and help Ukrainian citizens.
One of the desires of Ukraine in this war is that Europe does not become a peninsula of russia.

War is more than four months. Horribles and hardships of the war continues. Ukraine is fighting and will fights..

It’s 150th day. Ukraine is fighting.

Today Ukraine celebrates Independence Day.
Already 31 years old.
You know, Independence is not just a word, not just a parade on the square, not just a celebrating party, not just …

And … it is half a year of the war today.

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Hugh Bonneville’s speech about my native city Kharkiv. This is the truth in XXI century.
I share from my GDrive 2_5219922914471584641.MP4 - Google Drive

Zaporizhzhia, in southern Ukraine , is Europe’s largest nuclear plant. It was occupied by Russia soon after it invaded Ukraine in February. Ukrainian staff who continue to operate the plant say Russian troops have used it as a military base and that workers are in effect held at gunpoint.

There are some news. And it’s even in Wikipedia

Also, in Kharkiv region, Ukrainian troops deoccupied town Balakleya. Some sources says, russians troops are retreating, leaving a lot of equipment and ammunition.

CNN photos about this War

BUT it’s not a “ukraine-russia-crisis” as pointed in link. It’s War.

And, you know, no photos can convey all the feelings and impressions when you see it with your own eyes.

Day 200.
Ukraine is fighting.
A big offensive of Ukrainian troops in the Kharkiv region. The russian army retreats.

On November 11, the Ukrainian army de-occupied the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. In the context of this war, this is a big defeat for russia.

I want to express my gratitude to the administrators of this forum for not blocking me.

Dear Slim PHP community, Thank you for your support.
You know… the words “family”, “home” are not just words.
I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

…REALLY … HAPPY … New Year.


Today is a sad anniversary. February 24.
Today is a year.
A whole year.
Year of the war.
War in Ukraine… in Europe.

The Ukrainian army and territorial defense are putting up strong resistance everywhere.