War in Ukraine just now

Thank you all for your support. I had to leave Kharkov and take my family to a safer place in Ukraine. I need your help. I think that my daughter should leave Ukraine if possible for Germany. My daughter is almost 27 years old, she speaks more or less German, she worked as a HR manager in a foreign construction company. What are the options for my daughter’s departure from Ukraine? How can she settle down in Europe? We do not want to be a burden in your countries.
Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your concern. I was on the road. I took my family out of the Kharkiv. In peacetime, a trip to such a distance took 2 hours, now 12 hours.

Hi @EugeneM , glad to hear you are still relatively safe. I’m unsure how I might be able to help from the USA, but I will message you with my contact info.

Thank you. Any help is usefull.

I hope you are well. I’m sorry to hear that. All of this war conflict is very sad.

(I used to think that we lived in peace, but not anymore.)

I’ve read on the media that, for example, Poland is friendly on the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

I’ve never been to Europe, and I don’t have any idea how is the current situation in each city/state, but I found this, maybe it will help you:




Thank you for your concern

Regarding operational information in Ukraine Maps: Tracking the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Good morning. I would like to congratulate women on International Women’s Day. I wish peace in your home. Guys, men, pass my congratulations to your wives, mothers, daughters, girlfriends…

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All in all “You don’t have to be involved in politics, politics will still take care of you” (Ch. Montalembert)

It’s my native city. Kharkiv now.

As I can see from Ukrainian media, this is one of the border guards soldiers from the Zmiiny (Snake) island in the Black Sea. He and his fellow soldiers were in captivity. Fortunately, he is alive. And … he is the author the famouse phrase of this war - “русский военный корабль, иди нах#й”. This became the slogan of this war. Russian warship, go fuck yourself - Wikipedia

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Dear community, thank you and your peoples for supporting Ukraine at this difficult time. Ukraine is fighting. Some territories are being de-occupied. Take care of yourself and your relatives.

what happening in Ukraine i want to know more about this

In Ukraine, the war in the truest sense of the word. Not a conflict, not a crisis, but a war. War with its troubles and horrors. Ukraine is fighting against the aggressive and bloody empire called russia.

I also receive information from open sources Telegram channel, correspondence in instant messengers, news media channels. Ukraine is fighting for its existence as a state. Ukrainian troops are achieving some success and are gradually de-occupying the territory of Ukraine.

There are no completely safe places in Ukraine, because any place can be hit by a cruise missile, with which the russians are shelling Ukraine. Very often in the cities of Ukraine you can hear air raid sirens.

I were in Kharkiv (my hometown) for nine days since the beginning of the war (February 24’22). The city was constantly shelled by russian troops every 2-3 hours. I left the city and took my family out. Some of our relatives and friends stayed in the city. They say that Kharkiv is still under shelling. However, people in Kharkiv try to live an ordinary life.

Figthing for Kharkiv Redirecting...